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UWC Atlantic is a unique and magical place. Our 12th century Castle by the sea, with its own seafront, woodland, farmland and valley emits its own energy, vibrancy, and real joy which is shared by both the students and staff. You will be amazed at the opportunities you can seize every day.

By bringing together a diverse and motivated student body, immersing them in a global community experience based on UWC values, and challenging them formally and informally, our students grow in their abilities to be active global citizens and become an engaged community building trust and developing strong relationships with each other. 

We offer students the opportunity to embrace a powerful complete education that pays equal respect to learning, co-curricular, wellbeing and living together.

Happy and Comfortable Campus

We usually have 360 students living on-site in a range of student houses integrated into the wider campus. Accommodation for students centres around dormitory-style bedrooms for four students, modern bathrooms complemented by bright, attractive study areas, day rooms and kitchens. You will have two house mentors looking after you in your houses and will build a close relationship with them.

12th century St Donats Castle home to UWC Atlantic College
12th century St Donats Castle home to UWC Atlantic College
The Rose Garden developed by Randolph Hearst
The Rose Garden developed by Randolph Hearst
Outdoor swimming pool for regular experiential learning
Outdoor swimming pool for regular experiential learning
Seafront at UWC atlantic college
Seafront at UWC atlantic college
typical student boarding house at uwc atlantic college
Typical Student Boarding House
Sea towers at UWC Atlantic
Sea Towers
Student dorms
TYpical student dormitory
students gardening
Gardening in the Valley
co Steering at UWC Atlantic
Outdoor fun with friends
UWC Atlantic college building

Take a Tour

Choosing a school is never easy and we hope this quick tour gives a flavour of UWC Atlantic from our student’s perspective and why we pioneered the UWC Movement and the International Baccalaureate and why we are pioneering a new programme called the Systems Transformation Pathway.

Watch virtual tour

Student Stories

Read some of our student stories and hear why they love learning and living at UWC Atlantic.

Staff members talking

Cultural Awareness

Wanting to learn more about other people, their values, beliefs and cultures is one of the reasons students choose a UWC education. One of the most important ways for you to maintain and build the community is by listening carefully to others and offering support to your student colleagues. Not everyone will settle in at the same speed and living together successfully means being sensitive to the needs of others and making a positive contribution to their lives and to the life of the College. We are one College.

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