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Mission, Vision & Strategic Plan

Our mission combined with the three founding principles of UWC Atlantic provides a very strong foundation from which to build.

Our Founding Principles:

  • To be innovators in education
  • To provide opportunity to deserving students from around the world to access this education irrespective of their ability to pay
  • For this education to take place in a unique and exceptional setting where the entire campus is the classroom

Today, that mission to unite different perspectives to foster understanding and overcome conflict is perhaps as relevant today as ever. In many respects though, the world is vastly different to the one into which UWC Atlantic was born.

“Our mission is to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.”

In 2023, our 60th anniversary year, UWC Atlantic launched a 10-year plan to deal with the modern day challenges that humanity faces. To help transform the structures that have taken us to climate and ecological breakdown, social injustice and inequality.

Transformative Education for Global Impact positions the college as a pioneer within the education world, including an innovative new educational pathway developed in partnership with the International Baccalaureate.

Our vision is to reclaim our position as the flagship College of the UWC movement, recognised for the radical and experimental spirit that defines our history and drives our impact on the world.

A new 10 year vision for UWC Atlantic

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naheed bardai, principal of UWC atlantic

Our vision is bold, our ambition statement is far-reaching and I hope our community - our students, alumni, staff, and supporters will listen to our clarion call as they listened to Kurt Hahn's - you are needed!

Naheed Bardai, Principal, UWC Atlantic

Four Key Pillars

The 31-point roadmap for our new 10-year vision is based on four key pillars:

Building a courageous future empowering students to act in creating a more peaceful and sustainable world.

Creating an engaged community building trust, relationships and capacity.

Building a sustainable home through our connection to the natural and built environment.

Fostering a culture of inspired commitment enabling our purpose and promise.