Each and every member of our staff community at UWC Atlantic has a vital and important role to play in ensuring the delivery of the UWC Mission “to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future”. 

Cynefin (pronounced Kun-eh-vinn)  is a Welsh word, best described as a feeling of belonging, a sense of connection to a place and community. We find this word accurately evokes how it feels to both study and work at UWC Atlantic. We aim to attract people to work with us who create a staff community that epitomises that sense of belonging and to this beautiful place at the edge of the South Wales coast, a community which reflects the deliberately diverse student community which the UWC movement is renowned for. 

We are committed to actively seeking and welcoming individuals with diverse backgrounds, varied lived experiences, talents and skills. People with an innate curiosity and openness to personal growth and mutual understanding.

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UWC is not just a way of working, it is a way of living

In joining UWC Atlantic, you are not only joining an excellent, highly successful College, you are joining a powerful network of schools and colleges across the globe that is united by our shared mission.  UWC Atlantic is a beautiful and unique place to live and to work and regardless of your role, you will be encouraged and supported to continuously develop and grow your professional skills and knowledge. 

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Our Culture

Our mission and our guiding principles are the cornerstone to our culture and how we are as an engaged, thriving and inclusive community.

Guiding Principles


We honour our diverse experiences and celebrate our shared humanity, recognising that there is more that unites us than divides us. By treating each other with unwavering respect, fairness and compassion, we uphold the intrinsic worth within us all.


We live and act in the midst of the climate and nature emergency, and have an obligation to educate for collective social and ecological responsibility. As guests of the land on which we reside, we are compelled to enhance our biodiverse natural environment with healthy functioning ecosystems for the benefit of future generations. This will be more possible with a financially resilient and deliberately diverse college.

Radical Imagination

We see the problems confronting us as deeply rooted in social and ecological harm, and we collectively regain the ability to imagine the world as it might otherwise be. We encounter these challenges with creativity and curiosity, as we engage in the work of transforming systems. This requires the moral courage to take action in the present and create the conditions for a more just future.


As a community, we find joy in a shared sense of purpose, knowing that our collective efforts are helping to make the world a better place. Joy is our mindset choice and enables us to build our resilience in the face of challenges. We cherish our relationships and interdependence that bring meaning to our journey


We act with integrity, taking individual and collective ownership for our actions. We enable authentic responsibility by empowering and trusting each other to make decisions, considering the impact of our choices on others. We recognise that we are all leaders and role models within and beyond our community and acknowledge our duty to challenge injustice and inequity as positive agents of change in the world.


We actively cultivate a sense of belonging and reciprocal connection to place and among people, with the responsibility of honouring relationships in our interactions. We embrace and value diversity as a strength, and act in a way that makes the world a safer place to be our whole selves. We foster a sense of familiarity and kinship, becoming comfortable with complexity and our interdependence with all of the living world.

Living in Wales

St Donat’s is a small village located just outside Llantwit Major in the Vale of Glamorgan which is the most southerly point of Wales. The Vale is one of the most affluent areas in South Wales and we are lucky to be blessed with beautiful towns, villages, countryside and the coast.

Close to the capital city

We are approximately 30 minutes from Cardiff, the capital city, which is the largest city in Wales and has a wealth of facilities you would expect to find in a major city, yet it's compact, welcoming and accessible. It's a friendly city with a prosperous economy and its aspiration is to become Europe’s most liveable Capital City, all of which makes for an excellent quality of life. Cardiff Bay is a vibrant and prosperous area full of walks, historic buildings, restaurants, bars and things to do.

Visit Cardiff

Although the College is in a rural location, the road links are good and there are train stations in Llantwit Major and Bridgend, and Cardiff airport is just 20 minutes from the College.

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