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The brainchild of alumna Jill Longson (UWC Atlantic 1979-1981) and Colin Habgood, GoMakeADifference was initially created in 2001, to provide grants to UWC Atlantic students. Since then, GoMakeADifference has awarded grants to students from most UWC Schools and Colleges, resulting in over 50 projects being delivered across 40 countries throughout five continents including Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America.


GoMakeADifference is a UWCx initiative designed to help current UWC students live the UWC mission straight after leaving college. The awards provide students with the opportunity to bring the UWC ethos to life. 

In 2023, GO MAD awarded $30,000 of grants to a total of 30 projects. 58 applications were received with 15 schools/colleges represented across the UWC movement and from the project applications submitted by UWC Atlantic students, five projects have been awarded a grant.

  • AISA Platform - Amirali Rezaei
  • Educating To Preserve Lake Titicaca - Andrea Valerai Choque Coronel
  • I Am More Than You Think - Rahma Nalugo
  • Light-Up - Tashia Nyamunama
  • United For Understanding - Diana Proyan and Suhail Dawood Sidiq
Jill Longson

"we have been delighted with the response we have received this year. The number of different, innovative ideas we received leaves me in no doubt the values of Kurt Hahn and UWC are alive and well across our network. We loved seeing videos from students accompanying many of the applications, which really brought the ideas to life. As always, students gave the team a hard task in assessing the applications. So many projects had some fantastic ideas as to how students hope to make a difference and were submitted well-thought through plans. “

Jill Longson, co-founder of GoMakeADifference

If you’re already thinking beyond UWC Atlantic, GoMakeADifference.

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