Funding Priorities

Our 10 year strategy is bold, we are pioneering again and introducing an innovative new curriculum and way of learning. Our vision to Transform Education for Global Impact is clear and if we are to develop our students as future leaders and thinkers who can become tomorrow's bridge builders then we need the support of our community as this is intergenerational work, not alone work.

We have key funding priorities to achieve our goals - will you join us and together we can Transform Education?

Scholarship Atlantic

Vital student scholarships which build a distinct and deliberately diverse student population drawn together from around the world based on their demonstrated promise and potential.


Educate Atlantic

Transformative education needs a new, agile educational agenda that has real influence in today’s and tomorrow’s complex and changing world. Our Systems Transformation Pathway is just the start.

Systems Transformation Pathway

Green Atlantic

Living the 'UWC Values' and embedding sustainability and an eco-friendly approach into everything we do so we can recycle, re-use and re-purpose to be carbon neutral.


Capital Atlantic

Helping us preserve our historic buildings and transforming our existing living and learning spaces to more effectively, efficiently and sustainably showcase the UWC Atlantic experience. 


Unrestricted Atlantic

This stream of funding allows us to use the funds for urgent projects as they arise such as the maintenance and restoration of our campus and grounds.