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Student wellbeing is our main priority at UWC Atlantic and all our staff are committed to supporting the health, safety and wellbeing of our students. We encourage our students to build and grow in resilience and independence during their time with us, but this does not mean they need to do everything themselves. 

It is important that our students know when and where to go for support or solutions to better equip them with the knowledge, experience and skills to help them overcome the inevitable personal challenges throughout their journey at UWC Atlantic. 

Our Wellbeing team is led by our Vice Principal of Student Life, Safeguarding, Wellbeing and Belonging and they are supported by an extensive team  to support and manage student wellbeing and welfare that includes:

  • Heads of Year
  • House Mentors
  • Tutors
  • Health Centre team: Clinical Psychologist, Nurses, Counsellors and a Drama Therapist

Our colleagues are all part of a wider wellbeing team who are all here to support students as they learn and grow at UWC Atlantic.

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Wellbeing Centre

Our on-campus Health Centre is open seven days a week, and staffed by a Clinical Psychologist, two full-time Registered Nurses and a wellbeing assistant to provide medical advice and support to our students. 

Students can be seen in private in one of our consultation rooms ensuring privacy and dignity are maintained and that all information is kept confidential. The upstairs area has 1 sitting room, 2 single bedrooms and 3 twin bedrooms where students can be admitted and monitored. There is also a kitchen area and 2 bathrooms, with a bath and an over bath shower.

The centre is open and staffed from 7am to 7pm and we have doctors on-campus twice a week to run clinics. Students also have full access to a range of healthcare professionals and community support networks through the National Health Service (NHS) in Wales. The college will help you register for all the external healthcare providers during induction.