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University Guidance

What's next after UWC Atlantic is a vital question and one that our University and Careers Guidance Counsellors can help you with.

Our three full-time University Guidance Counsellors support our students in planning their next career steps. The majority of our students apply to universities for further studies after UWC Atlantic. Some students take a gap year to further follow the UWC mission through volunteering or professional experience. These students are fully supported when they decide to submit applications to tertiary education institutions.

We are here to support students through the process, give them the opportunity to tell their own stories, and help students to present their skills in a way that shows their most authentic selves. We promote ‘fit’, which encourages students to choose options that align with their values and criteria that are important to them.

Francine Mohammed, Head of University and Career Guidance

Students at UWC Atlantic work with their assigned counsellor throughout their time on our campus and are encouraged to stay in touch after they graduate. The Guidance and University Counsellors meet with all students individually right after arrival for academic consultation regarding IB subject choices. In the second term, they meet again to discuss personal aspirations and start researching possible options for life after UWC Atlantic. Students are also encouraged to attend workshops on personal statement and motivational letters writing, financial aid, and application systems, amongst other subjects, to empower students with the knowledge to make informed decisions. Further, Parent Townhalls take place twice per academic year to provide information and resources to help families understand the various application and admission processes.

In the third term, the Guidance and University Counsellor team provides further support on strategic application lists, what is needed for respective applications, guides students in crafting essays and obtaining letters of recommendation, and initiates the process of submission of documentation to universities. There is also guidance in possibilities to reduce costs of applications and where the best financial support and/or scholarships will be provided for students with financial need.

We have excellent relationships with many higher education institutions. Over 100 universities and colleges from around the world visit UWC Atlantic each year, so students can meet university representatives personally and get relevant information first-hand. There are also opportunities for virtual sessions.

At UWC Atlantic, students attain places at some of the most prestigious and competitive universities across the world. Our University Guidance Booklet below has more details.

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