Black lives matter conference


Conferences are a change of pace in our academic programme, where for two days we break from the typical schedule of the academic day to create a different kind of learning community. 

We have three conferences each school year, and they are entirely student-designed and led from inception through to delivery.

Student conferences at UWC Atlantic

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dancing at conference
dancing at conference
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conferences at uwc
dancing conference
conferences at uwc
conferences at uwc
conference at UWC
scientific conference at UWC

Conferences form a core part of the student leadership opportunities you will find at UWC Atlantic and they are consistently mentioned as a highlight of many students’ experience at the college.

Conferences focus on honouring the diversity within the UWC Atlantic community to extend and broaden student knowledge and experience, with a focus on peer learning.  All our conferences are supported by external speakers and facilitators who help to enrich and expand the content.