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International Baccalaureate

Our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is designed to evolve students into emerging leaders who understand that change is possible through dialogue, action and a determination to make situations better - locally, nationally and globally.

Our teachers will work with you through this challenging two year programme, helping you to find the courses that will challenge and inspire you. The aim is to help you to build on your skills so you can identify unseen problems in the world and take action which contributes to the flourishing of societies across the globe.

Our IB programme has two parts: the International Baccalaureate curriculum and our Co-Curricular programme that focuses on a lifelong commitment to service in the community, to collaborative work and social engagement and develops in young people a sense of personal initiative and the skills of leadership. You are placed into positions of trust, authentic responsibility and decision making, and through action and personal example demonstrate a commitment to making a positive difference in the world.

Students come to UWC Atlantic with a vision and graduate empowered to make a positive difference in the world

What learning looks like

You’ll be following a broad and balanced curriculum of six academic subjects alongside the core IB programme: Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS); Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay.

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Subject Choices

Our latest subject choices on offer at UWC Atlantic. Please note that we require a minimum uptake of 6 students to offer any subject.

Grading and Assessment

IB subjects are graded on a scale of 1-7; 1 being the lowest and 7 the highest. 4 is a satisfactory pass. A minimum score of 24 points overall is required for the IB Diploma. In addition there are a number of passing and failing conditions, such as lower grades in one or two subjects being compensated for by higher grades in others at the same level. A maximum score of 45 is achieved by an extra 3 points for Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay.

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