My name is Tamkeen and I was born in Kabul Afghanistan, but moved to India when I was 9 years old. I first heard of UWC from my dad when he urged me to look into the movement. What piqued my interest was its focus on diversity and social change. Seeing how different cultures are cherished and celebrated has always been something that I found intriguing. Being able to study abroad in an environment with people from so many diverse backgrounds has always been a dream of mine. 

Having spent a year at UWC Atlantic, there is so much that I have learned and accomplished and most significantly my developed sense of self and the ability to view the world from different perspectives. UWC Atlantic has been a safe space where I have been able to take responsibility and explore my own weaknesses and strengths. I’ve been encouraged to embrace opportunities I would have otherwise been too afraid to, thus further strengthening my belief in making decisions with confidence. Moreover, daily interactions with peers from such diverse backgrounds has afforded me the invaluable opportunity to perceive the world through a multifaceted prism. Experiencing this diversity not only helps me understand and connect with people from different cultures but also gives me the skills to better navigate our interconnected world.

If I could sum up my UWC Atlantic experience in one paragraph, it would be this: 

With every new person, I discovered a fresh story, a unique perspective, and a chance to broaden my understanding of the world. In each new friend, I searched for echoes of home but discovered a treasure trove of distinct qualities that deepened our bond. In each new lesson I realized that knowledge knows no bounds, and that there's always more to discover and explore and each new experience revealed a world of possibilities I hadn't imagined existed.