Meet Mahshed, she is 18 years old and one of four female students from Afghanistan who have been awarded scholarships.

"I discovered UWC through a friend and researched it; the mission deeply resonated with me. I can't fully express how closely it aligns with my values. Building a peaceful future through education feels profoundly beautiful and achievable.

Education is the cornerstone of my life - its my sole desire and necessity. I am for it to be a lifelong pillar of support. My passion lies in neuroscience. The intricacies of our nervous system and its impact on growth, development and emotions fascinate me. I firmly believe in unity and consistency; they possess the power to bring tangible changes. making a meaningful impact is my fervent aspiration.

Every aspect of UWC Atlantic has been incredible - the environment, support, experiences, and, above all the unforgettable memories. It feels like a dream.