Meet Ilgin, she’s a first year student from Turkey. 

She’s recently been awarded £500 by our on campus entrepreneurial hub, Lighthouse to develop her project which is calling for the installation of water fountains in Schools across Instanbul.

“In Turkey, all children have to buy water because it’s not safe to drink. Adding to this more than 50% of children in Turkey are living in poverty. Water is treated as a luxury not a basic need and I want that to change. It wasn’t until I came to UWC Atlantic that I realised how unjust it is that children are paying for a basic human right.

I’ve set about trying to change this, I’ve started a campaign aimed at the upcoming elections in Turkey at the end of March. I want this issue to be tackled by politicians, I want them to promise to improve this. I set up a petition which has more than 8,000 signatures and is steadily growing momentum in my home country.

This is a long term project, if I don’t get the results I’d like in this election, I have plans going forward to continue the campaign.”

You can support Ilgin’s campaign here: