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Student Life Beyond the Core

Photo by Alwien Koster, UWCA'22


Student Life Beyond the Core

One of the amazing features of the UWC Atlantic community is that you find like-minded people who share the same passions as you. This often leads to students (supported by staff) or staff forming groups and clubs that run activities and initiatives that fall outside of the formal activities of UWC Atlantic. Here are some of the initiatives that are running at the moment:

A group with a passion for international films meets every Tuesday at 6pm in the Great Hall to watch a film together. They often then stay behind afterwards to have a discussion about the film. All of the films watched are student suggestions, sometimes from their home countries but always films they love! The timing and location of the club is perfect for students who want to watch the film with their dinner!

The HideOut is an initiative run by UWC Atlantic’s Wellbeing Council every Friday night. They create a chilled out space for students to relax in the Moondance Cafe after a long week of lessons. There is always someone behind the ‘bar’ ready to make hot drinks, serve the array of fruit punches created and replenish the biscuit stocks. There are a selection of board games that students can borrow, from chess to Uno. Students can always play table tennis and pool or just sit around and chat to their friends. It is a hugely welcoming and friendly space.

Photos by Rufaro Gamariel, UWCA'21

Hot to Go is UWC Atlantic’s student-run restaurant service that takes place each Saturday evening. A hugely professional operation, complete with a head chef, sous chefs and waiters, it has become incredibly popular with students. The team rotates around the world with their dish selection, often asking their peers for inspiration in that regard. Then, each Saturday, the Moondance Cafe transforms into a restaurant with table bookings so that you can have a nice meal with your friends. The Hot to Go charges £5 for main courses and £3 for desserts, with all profits being reinvested in kitchen equipment or going to the Student Financial Services.

Photos by Lucia Figueras Pont, UWCA'22

ACapella is a longstanding choir at UWC Atlantic. Each year we have a group of students who meet regularly to perform without musical instruments. The choir is hugely popular and sings at many of our college-led events throughout the year, which is always a highlight of the show.

Please see video below of the students performing at the TAN Conference: 

MOVE is a longstanding dance group on campus. Mainly focusing on contemporary dance, they often perform at events that happen on campus, bringing lots of energy. They are a highly adaptable group, choreographing unique dances for certain events, for example, incorporating particular dance moves from a country if an event is based around that country.

Here is a video of MOVE performing at the HispaniCon Conference:


Friday Night Lectures is a long-standing tradition that has taken place at the College for many years. Each year a team of students arrange for inspiring speakers to either visit the College or attend online on a Friday night to give a lecture about their specialised subject. Students and staff learn about a wide range of topics, from the inspiring personal stories and life journeys of UWC alumni to the work of NGOs in various sectors.

 Examples of past lecture topics include:

  • Greenspeak - Language and the Environment by Ed Picton-Tubervill
  • Insight into the Film Industry by Talula Carpenter
  • Viruses, Pandemics and Vaccines by Caetano Reis e Sousa
  • Atlantic Pacific - Search and Rescue by Robin Jenkins
  • Marine Sustainability by Ocean Ambassadors

Friday Night Lectures inspire students to further learn about the topics presented and start initiatives for a specific cause, further educating and involving others within the College.

UWC Day is an annual global celebration of the UWC mission and values, which takes place on 21 September every year, to coincide with the UN International Day of Peace. Each year, UWC Day is celebrated by thousands of people worldwide, including students and staff at UWC Atlantic, our alumni and friends.

UWC Day is a moment to celebrate the strength and diversity of the UWC movement and our mission for a more peaceful and sustainable future through connecting and mobilising UWC-ers globally. It serves as a chance to spread the word about UWC, our work and values. It is also an opportunity to reflect on what we do as a movement, to determine how to be more effective changemakers, and to continue to challenge ourselves.

Each year our students organise activities on UWC Day to celebrate including the traditional flag ceremony, dancing and food. Many students dress in their national costumes and celebrate their cultures, traditions, flags and costumes.

Photos by Alwien Koster, UWCA'22

National Evenings are a chance for the many national groups we have on campus to show off aspects of their culture.. Each national group takes it in turns to put on a show in the Tythe Barn on a Sunday evening. In national groups where there are lots of nations represented, each nation will get a shorter slot to perform. They are very popular with students with a full house guaranteed!

The International Show is an annual event organised by a group of students who invite the student body to audition to take part. The event showcases and celebrates the different cultures and amazing diversity within our College. Those who are successful will perform at the International Show which is held at the Tythe Barn in the college and tickets are sold to members of the public on a normal year (prior to COVID-19). The event is often live streamed and performances include dancing, singing, poetry, magic and comedy.

Photo by Qingyi Zhou

Held regularly throughout the year, national groups at the college join together to celebrate their national costume and fashion style and give other students an insight into their culture.

Photos by Alwien Koster, UWCA'22