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Wellbeing Team

Photo by Joan Bessem, UWCA'22

Overview of the Wellbeing Team

All staff are committed to supporting the health, safety and wellbeing of our students.

At the heart of our support system is the team of tutors, who are usually also teachers. A student’s tutor is their first point of contact for support should they have any problems or questions. Each tutor has 8-10 tutees. There are 4-5 tutors assigned to each student house working as a House Tutor Team together with the house mentors of the house.

We have a dedicated Wellbeing Team, including three on-campus counsellors who work to promote and preserve the health, safety and wellbeing of each student, and community life, at the College. They collaborate with house mentors, tutors, the Wellbeing Centre and other members of the community to ensure students feel supported, heard and that their needs are appropriately and sensitively addressed. The Vice Principal Student Life, Safeguarding (DSP), Wellbeing & Belonging coordinates the work of the Wellbeing Team.

Our Wellbeing Centre has a full-time Registered Nurse, a Senior Healthcare Assistant and an agency Health Care Assistant. We also have full access to a range of healthcare professionals and community support networks through the National Health Service.

Photo by Joan Bessem, UWCA'22

Our Wellbeing practitioners work alongside the English Language and Additional Learning Needs specialists who play an important role in meeting individual needs of students. The wider Learning Support Team includes an EAL (English as an Additional Language) teacher, an ALN (Additional Learning Needs) practitioner, the Vice Principal Student Life, Safeguarding (DSP), Wellbeing & Belonging and Heads of Years, together with the IB Coordinator, the two University Guidance Counsellors and the Vice Principal Academics. They work directly with students, provide advice and guidance to staff and work collaboratively with parents and external support agencies.

House mentors and students are supported further overnight by our Night Team. A Student Life Activity Coordinator supports our Vice Principal Student Life, Safeguarding (DSP), Wellbeing & Belonging through working with and supporting student councils to organise and run a variety of creative and physical events, trips and activities.

Students can access their trained second year Peer and Queer Listeners for additional support and the student voice has representation from each house through various student councils.

To find out more about each area of support, click on the links below: