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The Learning Centre 2

The Learning Centre 2 (TLC2)

At UWC Atlantic, the castle is the hub of student wellbeing, designed to have all of the help students need in one place, from university guidance to counselling.

To improve this further, we have established ‘TLC2’. This follows the success of The Learning Centre, the home of our Additional Learning Needs Coordinator, English as an Additional Language teacher and our counsellors.

Located in the Lady Anne Tower, TLC2 is the home of our Vice Principal, Student Life, Safeguarding (DSP), Wellbeing & Belonging, Lucretia Fields, Head of IB1, James Williams and Head of IB2, Yordan Demirov. Having this base means that students will know exactly where to go should they need help or advice from those three members of staff. 

There is also a side room in TLC2, which allows private and confidential conversations to take place. It also provides an appropriate place for tutors and house mentors to meet with Lucretia, Yordan and James to discuss the wellbeing of individual students. 

At UWC Atlantic, student wellbeing is our main priority and the establishment of this space is another initiative that helps us achieve this. We are hopeful that the success of TLC2 will lead to even more initiatives that aid student wellbeing.