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The Learning Centre

Photo by Joan Bessem, UWCA'22

The Learning Centre (TLC)

The castle is the hub of student wellbeing, designed to have all of the help students need in one place, from university guidance to counselling.

The Learning Centre (TLC) is the home to our dedicated team of three on-campus Counsellors, our Additional Learning Needs Coordinator and English as an Additional Language teacher. 

This centre is located in the heart of the castle next to the Bradenstoke Hall. 

The TLC Team is an integral part of the wider wellbeing team of the college that includes tutors, house mentors, the two Heads of Year, the Wellbeing Centre and the DSP (Designated Safeguarding Person).

Photo of Joan Bessem, UWCA'22

Additional Learning Needs and English Support 

The Learning Centre is home to our English as an Additional Language Teacher and our Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator.

All students are eligible for general support and specialist guidance is available to those with more specific needs. Both roles provide specialist support to our students. 

  • Click here to find out more about the support we provide to students where English is an additional language. 
  • Click here to find out more about the support we provide to students with additional learning needs. 


Our counsellors work to promote and preserve the health, safety and wellbeing of each student, and community life, at the College. They collaborate with House Mentors, Tutors,  the Wellbeing Centre and other members of the community to ensure students feel supported, heard and that their needs are appropriately and sensitively addressed. 

Two of  our counsellors work three days a week, giving more than five days' cover to the Counselling Service. We also have recently recruited a  third counsellor who comes in two days a week. They have both regular drop-in sessions and appointments. Students can make their own appointments via email or referrals come from tutors or house mentors. The individual sessions are 50 minutes long and are confidential unless there is a significant risk to the client or another student, in which case the wellbeing team are involved and the student’s safety secured. Drop-in sessions are available on Thursday evenings in the TLC.

Our Counsellors work closely with the ‘smaller’ Wellbeing Team, which comprises the Counselling Service, the Wellbeing Centre and the DSP (Designated Safeguarding Person). These are confidential meetings where sensitive issues can be discussed. This wrap around approach keeps students safe and means that any issues are identified and dealt with promptly.

Our Counsellors also deliver Life Skills sessions and other specific emotional wellbeing sessions across campus and work closely with trained second year Peer and Queer Listeners. Students can access additional support from our Peer and Queer Listeners. Peer and Queer Listeners as well as having weekly sessions with our Counsellors, also work closely with House Mentors.

Following the success of The Learning Centre (TLC), we have recently opened TLC2. Click here to find out more.