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Trusts & Foundations

The support from Trusts and Foundations has been key in helping us achieve our strategic objectives and in transforming the lives of students, protecting our beautiful campus and reclaiming our leadership of innovative education. 

We work closely with a wide range of Trusts and Foundations, to achieve our shared goals and give this unique educational opportunity to more students from across the world, irrespective of their ability to pay.

Case Study

The Pestalozzi International Foundation is delighted to work in partnership with UWC Atlantic, through offering scholarships to support academically able students from some of the most financially disadvantaged backgrounds. UWC provides opportunities far beyond the academic rigour of the IB programme. The multi-cultural, integrated and socially responsible approach of UWC echoes the ethos of our charitable vision and empowers bright young adults to become change-makers to embrace the challenges of the future'

A Photo taken for the Pestalozzi Interantional Foundation of four students outside cheering

The Pestalozzi International Foundation

If you would like to discuss giving a donation from your Trust or Foundation, please contact Gwawr Thomas on email [email protected]