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As alumni, friends and supporters of UWC Atlantic, you are all potential changemakers for a vibrant and unique community that nurtures bridge builders as its primary purpose - and as we ourselves continue to change and evolve as a College, we are looking to you to share in and to help shape our direction of travel.

As we take UWC Atlantic towards its 60th Anniversary in 2022, we are asking for your commitment to help us deliver the next phase of innovation. We are immensely proud of what we have achieved so far, but we know we can, and must, do more if we are to develop programmes, pedagogy and practice to meet 21st Century challenges; continue our pioneering educational tradition, nurture and harness the purpose and potential of a deliberately diverse student body and protect and preserve the fabric of our unique and magical campus in a sustainable way.

To do this, we have identified five priorities for potential funding.

Essential Atlantic

Essential Atlantic enables us to select and support a distinct and deliberately diverse student population drawn together from around the world based on their demonstrated promise and potential. This is our core mandate. Our aspiration is to fund 50% of our students within the next three years.

Case Study

My name is Amalia and I am from Zimbabwe. I come from an area where families have to scramble to survive and the future doesn’t look bright. Our teachers encourage us to learn by memorising facts they give us. Questioning information is discouraged, even punished. Talking about change? NEVER. 

To study in UWC Atlantic is a dream come true.

The idea seemed both miraculous and impossible. Still, I dreamed, and I worked, with a vague idea that if I studied hard enough, I might find a way to get a really fine education, to build something solid for myself and my country. My efforts paid off with excellent exam results, but, still, my dream felt like a fantasy ... until I was admitted with a scholarship to UWC Atlantic thanks to the generosity of my donor. I’m now studying in the type of castle I could only imagine. I’ve seen the sea. I’ve discovered doors that open automatically and doing laundry not by hand but at the press of a button.

Photo of Amalia, a UWC Atlantic Student outsie in a field

I have no way to repay this generosity but I promise to work incredibly hard at school. I will be an active part of the community and build my leadership skills. I will do everything to become the kind of woman my donor will be able to say, proudly, that they helped to launch. And, as I establish myself, I will pass along the generosity to others'.

Amalia, Class of 2021

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Educate Atlantic

Educate Atlantic will help meet the current students’ educational needs and the College’s ambitious and exciting plans to develop a Changemaker curriculum for future students. We are currently re-imagining the International Baccalaureate to make it more relevant and resonant to today’s society. In doing so, we will become the ‘go to’ educators, the thought leaders, the pioneers for real change – passionate, engaged, creative and disruptive – setting a new, agile educational agenda that has real influence in today’s and tomorrow’s complex and changing world. To find out more about UWCA's Changemaker Curriculum, click here.

Photo of students at UWC Atalantic College in a classfroom

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Inspire Atlantic

We want our community to inspire – and to be inspired. UWC Atlantic is committed to strengthening the connections between current students and alumni, their networks and the College – a virtual and purposeful networking circle. We are developing a new calendar of activities to engage with our students and alumni including lectures, alumni project week, a mentoring programme, Ideas Hubs and volunteering initiatives – all of which strengthen relationships across the College community and UWC, and contribute to our future success.

Photo of student outside UWC Atlantic Grounds

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Capital Atlantic

This is a vital stream of funding to help us protect our historic buildings, to preserve the magical fabric of our beautiful campus, and to develop the projects that will enable us to build on and leverage those assets to ensure we have 21st Century living and learning spaces that can more effectively, efficiently and sustainably showcase the UWC Atlantic experience. Students from over 90 countries come together each year to live and work in our unique ‘Laboratory for Learning’ and we are always striving to make improvements to the vital infrastructure to support our spectacular and unique 122-acre campus.

UWC Atlantic is currently running a seafront development strategy and our plans to revitalise our seafront, please click on the brochure below to find out more: 

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Green Atlantic

Embedding sustainability and an eco-friendly approach into everything we do and ensuring we truly ‘live the UWC values’ is at the heart of our strategy. We work closely with students on our Sustainability Committee (SusCo) and indeed learn from them on how to tackle life-changing environmental issues. We aspire to achieve sustainability best practice in everything we do – from more plant-based eating and more efficient waste recycling, re-use and re-purposing, to improving our energy use.

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