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We want to create a more engaged and better-informed community of UWC Atlantic alumni, regardless of your place of residence, age and profession.

The AtlanticLINKS Mentoring Programme brings alumni in closer contact with each other around five key areas:

  1. Career guidance
  2. College/university advice
  3. Career change
  4. Advice on current project
  5. Advice on entrepreneurial idea

Alumni can use this platform to get input, guidance and ideas for projects they may be working on from other members of the UWC Atlantic alumni community who are involved in areas of their interest. 

AtlanticLINKS Mentoring Programme  - Overview| PDF (72KB)

AtlanticLINKS Mentoring Programme - FAQs| PDF (72KB)

AtlanticLINKS Mentoring Programme - Code of Conduct| PDF (72KB)

What I enjoyed the most was the concept that you could be helpful to someone from the network of UWC.

Monique Post, UWCA'01

To find out more, get in touch with us by emailing [email protected]

Photo of students celeberating culture

Friday Night Lectures

Friday Night Lectures is a decades-long UWC Atlantic tradition for students to learn about a wide range of topics from alumni with personal stories and life journeys. The lectures are held on Friday evenings, in one of the oldest rooms on campus. They are officially 30 minutes long, but often extend to up to a few hours, in which attendees engage in discussions with the speaker and with each other. Often inspired by these lectures, students have given further workshops and initiated student groups, supporting organisations and causes, for the purpose of educating and involving others.

Case study

'In the Friday Night Lecture I conveyed a story, based on personal experiences, of failures and successes in an effort to bring about positive social change. Throughout an interactive session the audience was challenged to come up with ideas, think through the details such that it would be possible to implement the ideas, and list concrete next steps that they can try. The goal was for the students to learn what it takes to implement an idea and to inspire others to adopt it. Thank you so much for inviting me. It was truly wonderful to interact with students and staff, and to be at UWC Atlantic.'

Mudit Tyagi

'The Friday Night Lecture series, organised and hosted by the students, is a wonderful opportunity to re-engage with UWC Atlantic and meet new generations of students with the same inquisitive nature and international perspective that you had when you were there. My latest “visit” (February 2021) was a virtual one because of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Naturally, I focused on viruses, pandemics, immunology and vaccines. Afterwards, I was struck by the lively questions and interesting discussion, in which the UWC spirit of wishing to make the world a better place was abundantly evident. If you want to communicate your life trajectory and help inspire a generation of bright and motivated students, look no further than a Friday Night Lecture.'

Caetano Reis e Sousa 
UWCA '86

Photo credit: The Francis Crick institute | Dave Guttridge

If you would like to be a guest speaker at our Friday Night Lecture, please contact [email protected] to discuss this further.