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Why are policies important? Because they help us to establish processes and procedures, create standards of quality for learning and safety and frameworks for behaviour and performance, as well as setting out expectations and accountability. They underpin a code of conduct for the College rooted in kindness, collaboration and mutual respect.

Safeguarding is a key priority at UWC Atlantic. We acknowledge fully our duty of care and safeguarding responsibilities, as individuals and as a College team, and we are fully committed to delivering best practice in safeguarding. The effective and consistent care and welfare of each student and employee, enabling them to live and learn in a safe and secure residential educational environment, is of paramount importance.

We deliver excellence by seeking to promote a whole College culture of engagement with, and respect for, the highest principles and standards of safeguarding and respectful community practice. To achieve these standards and ensure we continue to uphold them, we are committed to the continuous development, monitoring and improvement of our policies and procedures and to the training and development of the UWC Atlantic community.

UWC Atlantic's School Policies