UWC Atlantic collaborates with LSE on new curriculum pathway

As UWC Atlantic pioneer a new curriculum focusing on exploring complex systemic challenges around ecological and social justice, we are collaborating with London School of Economics (LSE) academics and researchers, focusing on Inclusive Leadership and Human Security. We’re creating a learning framework to freely share with other education institutions serious about making a meaningful change in the world.

As the co-founders of the IB and UWC movement, we are rethinking education and have launched a new educational pathway called the Systems Transformation Pathway: Leadership for Just Futures. The pathway will equip students with the skills needed to make real change in the world as we face a climate crisis.

The pathway curriculum is being pioneered by a diverse and global cohort of 24 students from our August 2023 intake.

Working with LSE academics, Dr Mary Martin, the author of “Corporate Peace” and director of the  UN Business and Human Security Initiative and Dr Grace Lordan, the author of “Think Big”, and founding director of  The Inclusion Initiative,  we will develop structured and research-based approaches to the practice of inclusive leadership and people-centred approaches to policymaking, business, investment, and social action.

Through this new IB approved pathway, UWC Atlantic will equip students with the hope and initiative to tackle the global polycrisis head on, to catalyse change and drive the transformations the world so desperately needs. 

Our new bespoke curriculum focuses on four areas, Biodiversity, Energy, Food and Migration and will shine a spotlight on transformative change, systems leadership and just futures.

All this has been made possible by the generous donation from Lutfey and Deborah Siddiqi.

Lutfey Siddiqi

How do we actively collaborate with those that we have differences with, in the pursuit of shared goals? How can diversity and inclusion become instruments of sustainable solutions in a variety of contexts? It is exciting to see a multidisciplinary approach to 'constructive conflict' added to our eduction toolkit.

Lutfey Siddiqi, UWC Governor and Donor