Principal Appointment

The Board of UWC Atlantic has great pleasure in announcing the appointment of Naheed Bardai as the next Principal of the College, from mid July 2021.

Naheed is an outstanding candidate for the role, selected from a strong and diverse field. His overall approach to the position, his educational credentials, boarding experience and demonstrated leadership makes him the ideal candidate.  He is currently Head, Upper School, at Upper Canada College in Toronto. Prior to that Naheed worked in Mombasa, Kenya, for the Aga Khan Academy, an educational organisation whose mission is closely aligned with UWC. Over his tenure there he served as Dean of Students and was then promoted to Principal of Senior School.  

Naheed will be building upon the significant achievements of our current Principal, Peter Howe. As the incoming Principal, Naheed will continue to implement the College’s strategy, importantly embedding our innovative, transformative educational offering, giving students the much needed skills, tools and confidence to become positive change makers.

The Chair of UWC Atlantic, Jill Longson, said “Naheed has a clear enthusiasm and appreciation of the UWC mission and values. His passion for educational innovation is especially important given the relevance of our newly created Change Maker curriculum. He will lead the College with drive and energy, and will determine how we mark our 60th anniversary in 2022/23. I am very excited at the prospect of him becoming Principal”.

Naheed said "When I think about the varying purposes of education and the impact it can have on society, none is more compelling and pressing for me than that of UWC.  The move to a more peaceful and sustainable future is to the benefit of all, and we will get there by helping our students harness the world's diversity and caring for those who are most vulnerable. At UWC Atlantic, with its roots in experiential learning, building compassion, selfless service and innovation, we stand the best chance of achieving these noblest of ideals. It is with honour and privilege that I will help steward UWC Atlantic and its thriving community of change makers, activists and peace builders."

The Board and College community looks forward to welcoming Naheed and his family on campus and working with him on the continuing implementation and enhancement of the College’s strategic plan.

Jill would like to thank those students, staff members, trustees and alumni who contributed to the successful recruitment process. It was particularly challenging given the inevitable restrictions at this time. She would also like to pay tribute to the Principal’s Recruitment Group, chaired so effectively by fellow Trustee Ann Jones.