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Living Together

By bringing together a diverse and motivated student body, immersing them in a global community experience based on UWC values, and challenging them formally and informally, students grow in their abilities to be active global citizens.

The holistic UWC experience leads to learning skills, competencies, and outcomes toward the UWC mission:

To make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

Living together happily is all about accepting differences. It’s about having the ability to listen to, recognise, respect, trust and appreciate others to be able to live in a peaceful and united way.

When you join the College, it may be the biggest change in your life so far.

You’ll be joining a vibrant and dynamic global community, with young people from deliberately diverse national, cultural, political, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds and staff from around the world, and also from just around the corner, in Wales.

Residential boarding, especially a long way from home and in a four-person dorm with people from quite different backgrounds, might feel a bit scary at first, but everyone is feeling the same. It’s new, it’s different, and the important thing is to learn how to make it work for you and for the people around you.

It’s all part of the learning process. 

Cultural Awareness

Wanting to learn more about other people, their values, beliefs and cultures is one of the reasons students choose a UWC education. One of the most important ways for you to maintain and build the community is by listening carefully to others and offering support to your student colleagues. Not everyone will settle in at the same speed and living together successfully means being sensitive to the needs of others and making a positive contribution to their lives and to the life of the College. We are one College.

Happy and Comfortable Campus

We usually have 360 students living on-site in a range of student houses integrated into the wider campus. Accommodation for students centres around dormitory-style bedrooms for four students, modern bathrooms complemented by bright, attractive study areas, day rooms and kitchens. You will have two house mentors looking after you in your houses and will build a close relationship with them. You will also have your tutors and teachers and support from the Wellbeing Team, based in The Learning Centre (TLC). We are here to support you at all times

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