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Transforming Education

In our 60th anniversary year, with our partners at the International Baccalaureate, we are pioneering a new way of learning.

A bespoke, first of its kind programme launched in 2023/24 at UWC Atlantic that gives graduates the education they need to meet the challenges of living and thriving in a climate-changed world. 

Our new Systems Transformation Pathway: Leadership for Just Futures prepares students to grapple with some of the most complex global challenges confronting us: how to feed 8 billion people on a warming planet, how to restore and protect the biodiversity of ecosystems, how to transition away from polluting energy sources quickly and equitably, how to respond to mass displacements and migrations as a result of conflict, climate change and disasters.

Olli-Pekka Heinonen IB Director General speaks about UWCA new Systems Transformation Pathway

Recognising that the political spaces where these challenges could be solved are increasingly polarised, and our timeline for turning things around is tightening, students will practise becoming competent at deep collaboration across differences and disciplines. The complexity of these challenges can appear overwhelming, so in this course it is essential that students interrogate and understand the interconnected root causes of the injustices and complex crises - ecological, social, political, economic - that they see unfolding in the world simultaneously.

This new way of learning and new IB pathway is part of our 10 year strategy that also launched in our 60th anniversary year and fits clearly with our Ambition Statement. 

"To develop bridge builders and compassionate leaders, empowering them to go beyond treating symptoms to understand root causes and initiate transformative solutions to human and environmental crises. We are passionate that learning becomes most powerful when used for the greater good."

Faith Abiodun UWC International Executive Director speaks about UWC Atlantic's New Systems Transformation Pathway

How to get involved

If you would like to support us as we transform education, we have a number of opportunities outlined below.

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