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The Global Selection Program

The Global Selection Program (GSP) is an alternative way for students who do not need a scholarship or financial support to apply for a place at a chosen UWC school – such as UWC Atlantic.

Students applying through the GSP pathway do not apply through National Committees, but are evaluated and assessed for their affinity with and support for the UWC Mission through a rigorous process based on the movement’s core selection criteria. The GSP admissions route is administered by the UWC International Office and more details can be found here

Prospective students who chose this route cannot apply through both the GSP and National Committee paths at the same time. You can apply to a single school or up to five schools at once. The GSP allows prospective students to identify the schools they would like to attend, so it’s to research individual schools first to find out which one best meets their needs. Every UWC promises an outstanding and challenging education, but each school promises its own distinct character and identity. Be sure to get a sense of the respective schools by reviewing their profiles accessible through this link and checking their social media platforms. You can also always contact individual schools directly to find out more about the campus, curriculum and extracurricular activities.

Apply now through our Global Selection Program