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College Ambassadors

Meet our College Ambassadors 2023-2024

College Ambassadors are involved in a range of activities and they are an incredible asset to the  college.

They give prospective students an authentic idea of what life is like at UWC Atlantic. They represent the college in important events, they lead campus tours to prospective families, they help organise Open Days and virtual events.

 They will probably be one of the first faces you see when you visit our campus or when you attend a virtual event.

These are our 18 wonderful College Ambassadors for 2023 - 2024:

From left to right Top row

Isabel Chen, Marina Garcia Hollmann, Nawale Nachula, Carmen Henick, Vilja Vetti, Mia Mao, Yasmine (Mina) Aqel

From left to right Bottom row

Amirali Rezaei, Bernarda Perez De Nucci, Osman Draman, Erna Elezović, Leni Beard, Alexa van Zinnicq Bergmann, Suhail Sidiq, Teo Fleisher, Aiden Duncan