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Careers at UWC

If you’re ready to do more than you think you can do, take a bold step forwards and we’ll make that journey with you. Thank you very much for your interest in working at UWC Atlantic. Our continued success depends on talented, creative and dedicated people who work hard to make this College so special and distinctive.

We are committed to attracting, developing and retaining the best people, celebrating equality and diversity, and recognising how all our employees contribute to and enhance our overall success. 

Our people are engaged in the UWC mission and believe in the UWC values and in a small community like ours, it’s important that everyone feels connected to each other and to the aims of the College. If we all believe in a shared purpose, we feel we all have an important part to play in fulfilling it. We take pride in what we are doing and have faith in those around us. This leads to better working relationships, greater collaboration and ultimately a more successful College.

If this is the way you feel a working environment should work, we look forward to hearing from you.

UWC Atlantic Welcome Pack | PDF 1.9MB

Working at UWC Atlantic

In joining UWC Atlantic, you are not just joining an excellent, highly successful College, you are joining a powerful network of global schools and colleges that is united by shared aims and objectives. UWC Atlantic is a special place, filled with diverse, energetic, and talented people, including education specialists and professional services teams who are driven to grow and succeed by working closely together. We are one team.

UWC is not just a way of working, it is a way of living.

Working here, you’ll be joining a vibrant changemaker community that advances your career as well as advancing UWC’s world-changing mission in meaningful ways. We inspire innovation and collaboration, we build skills and expertise and we deliver exceptional careers.

We offer a wide range of exciting and challenging opportunities that support our academic environment and competitive rewards that include living and working in one of the UK’s most outstanding environments. We live in an iconic 12th Century castle within a 122-acre estate that includes its own seafront, woodland, farm and valley.

A Respectful Community

Our culture and our values are important to us. We have a way of being, and a way of doing - our Touchstones - that are at the heart of our success as a friendly, collaborative and successful community.

Students sat chatting on steps

Our Touchstones

Our everyday actions reflect our big-picture mission. We foster diversity and inclusion in the widest sense. We enable understanding across cultures, communities and belief-systems. We bridge divides. We try to help resolve conflict, constructively. All voices are heard.

Giving trust, responsibility (and the accountability that needs to come with it) to students and employees, creates an environment in which everyone has the freedom to do their best work to achieve and exceed their potential.

UWC Atlantic is an asset that we need to protect and preserve. We are all custodians of the future of the College and we all need to be aware of, and work within, the framework of our regulatory obligations.

Our success has been built on a culture of experimentation, innovation and an approach of ‘why not?’ to new ideas. Fail small, fail fast and good-faith mistakes will be viewed as learning opportunities.

We are transparent, open and inclusive in everything we do. We are one College, we are one team and we work beyond pure job descriptions as we deliver on the mission. Whether we agree or disagree, we seek to engage.

We know what defines success before we embark on something. We are clear about the intended results of our work and we can account for its impact in a meaningful way. Impact for us means positive change.

We are mindful of how we develop and maintain effective relationships and how we behave as responsible citizens within our local, national and global community.

We’re much more than a College. Through engaging with people and organisations in the community around us, and with the wider world in general, we aspire to share our learning, lead thinking and remain relevant in today’s world.


We do everything with joy! We encourage positivity, energy and empathy. The wellbeing of students and colleagues is at the heart of our success and is important to us. The journey matters - not just the mission.



Everyone working at UWC Atlantic, is responsible for keeping young people safe by creating and maintaining safe learning and living environments for students, identifying wellbeing concerns and taking action to address them. The Safer Recruitment Policy provides clear, robust systems for the safe recruitment of employees and workers to the College; thus seeking to deter and prevent unsuitable people from working with young people.

When you come to live and work at UWC Atlantic, we put your safety, security, mental and physical health and happiness at the heart of everything we do and the way in which we do it. 

Our commitment to the UWC Atlantic community, for staff as well as students, is to continue to build a shared spirit of respectful community in which every individual and viewpoint is valued and every voice heard.

With focused and committed leadership on our wellbeing strategy, we are fully committed to ensuring all aspects of wellbeing are reflected in every facet of the UWC Atlantic experience. We are proactively developing our policies and processes to reflect enlightened approaches and to adhere to current best practice.

View our Safeguarding & Respectful Community Policy



Why are policies important? Because they help us to establish processes and procedures, create standards of quality for learning and safety and frameworks for behaviour and performance, as well as setting out expectations and accountability. They underpin a code of conduct for the College rooted in kindness, collaboration and mutual respect. View our list of policies for more information.